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How to earn at least $3,000 in rent roll fee income annually for every new property that you sign up...no matter how cheap your agency rivals are!

Remember: You never earn what you're worth, 
but only what you BELIEVE that you're worth!

Prepare for your BELIEF to go through the roof at this Two-Day Workshop in Brisbane- March 2024.

Here's what happened at the last workshop...

Why getting BETTER fees works in this tough economy!

If you're NOT earning at least $3,000 per property/year...you need to book your ticket NOW!

STRICTLY for Bosses (with their team)

TURN every new property into a HIGHLY PROFITABLE money-making management...
simply by changing how you think about fees and what you believe that you're WORTH!

Because when you know you're worth more, you'll EARN more!

KNOW how to WIN Higher and Better Fees...no matter how LOW your rivals discount!

You NEVER earn what you're worth, but only what you THINK that you're worth!

This 2-day comprehensive workshop in March 2024 in Brisbane will GROW your WORTH to a whole new PROFIT-MAKING level!

LIMITED to 30 SEATS only...
...so BOOK now!

Only One Workshop in 2024...you need to be there!

Learn from SEVEN unique learning sessions delivered over 2-days in March in Brisbane in an easy workshop format that will CONVERT every new property you sign up into a highly profitable money making management!

Numbers are limited so we can work with everyone on a personal level to 
ensure you get immediate results right after!

BOSSES...bring your team members!
(PS- Team members, please DO NOT be there without your boss!)

What they said after the last workshop:

Over 2 intensive days at 'Win Your Worth' Workshop, you'll leave knowing EXACTLY HOW to earn $3,000 plus per property/year, how to get new property owners to HAPPILY pay your fees and IGNORE your cheaper rivals...over and over again.

You'll walk away knowing how to CONFIDENTLY charge the very best fees in your marketplace!

Join PM Fee Expert Darren Hunter and PM Growth Experts Deniz Yusuf and Michael Sanz as they deliver their most comprehensive and in-depth expertise over two full days so you can walk away knowing how to get better fees and fee income with new business...starting right away!

✅ How to sign up at least $3,000 plus per year/property right away (no matter how cheap your rivals are)!

✅ Why DISCOUNTING is SLOWLY KILLING your business and why it's unnecessarily costing you tens of thousands in lost revenue...yes, it's totally avoidable (we'll show you points of difference that are working right now that cost FAR LESS than the money you're throwing away from discounting fees to impress prospects to sign with you).

✅ Why MOST Property Owners don't care about cheap fees, and the FOUR THINGS they really want from you most of all, above all else (in fact, these FOUR things keep them awake at night worrying)...

...and why they don't care if you're the most expensive agent in town that gives it to them!

✅ Learn TEN effective points of difference that you need to implement right now, that will equip you with all the confidence you'll need to charge higher and better fees, and win them!

✅ Know what fees owners are happy to pay...that make a HUGE difference to getting much more in fee revenue. 

We'll show you how to charge these successfully...even if your competitors never ever do!

✅ Know how to respond to the HARDEST of all fee objections...and how to walk away with your full fees!

✅ KNOW the GREEN LIGHT WORDS property owners say that announce they're about to sign with you...that's disguised as a fee objection instead (yep...you'll be surprised what it is!).

✅ How to add on an EXTRA $500 to $1000 in fee revenue each year for every new property you sign up, even when your rivals charge WAY LESS than you, and are getting even cheaper!

✅ Understanding the ONE FEE LAW you can use over and over again to justify every fee...that'll turn your fee into an 'absolute bargain' and a 'no-brainer' when explained to property owners.

✅ How to get 70% plus of new property owners to happily agree to pay (up to) 16.5% in management fees (all-inclusive), and how you too can easily charge a HIGH 'all-inclusive fee' as a viable choice to your traditional fee structure!

What other agencies have achieved with the very same training:

Simone Fogarty signed up 75% more fee income per property right after our last workshop!

Simone Fogarty is a Director and the Senior Property Manager with One Agency in Orange NSW and came along to our last workshop, and immediately signed up property at 75% more in fee income right away, once she got back to the office. 

In some cases, Simone was earning an extra $1500 per year/property, such was the change in what she believed she was worth with her services.

Initially Simone thought that what her much cheaper rivals charged would hold her back. 

At the Win Your Worth Workshop, Simone learned the real truth!

Listen to Simone explain what happened...

Here's what Simone Fogarty from One Agency Orange in NSW said:

Business Owner- Bronwyn now signs up an EXTRA $1947 per property/year! 

Bronwyn Evans- Business Owner with McAdam Turnbull Realty in Toowoomba QLD has signed up $3,292 per property/year (total average fee income excluding GST) for the last 23 new properties brought into their rent roll.
That's an increase of 145% extra fee income per property, on what they were doing previously...that's an EXTRA $1947 per property/year! 

Here's what Bronwyn Evans from McAdam and Turnbull Realty in QLD said:

Team Leader- Shari now signs up an EXTRA $1731 per property/year! 

Shari Lockett- Team Leader with Parry Property from Launceston TAS was signing up $1,765 per property/year (total average fee income, excluding GST) for each new property, and now for the last 11 properties, has signed up an average of $3,496 per property/year (total average fee income, excluding GST).
That's an increase of 98% extra fee income per property,
 on what they were signing previously...this is an EXTRA $1731 per property/year! 

Here's what Shari Lockett from Parry Property in TAS told us:

BDM- Paul now signs up an EXTRA NZ$1390 per property/year!

Paul Weeks- BDM with Harcourts Reforma from Auckland NZ was signing up NZ$2,676 per property/year (total average fee income, excluding GST) for each new property, and now for the last 36 properties, has signed up an average of NZ$4,066 per property/year (total average fee income, excluding GST).

That's an increase of 52% extra fee income per property, on what they were achieving previously...that's an EXTRA NZ$1390 per property/year!

Here's what Paul Weeks from 'Harcourts Reforma' in Auckland said:

Jo Natoli now charges some of the BEST FEES in NSW...
and all Jo did was GROW her worth!

Here's what Jo Natoli from 'The Rental Specialists' in NSW said:

Here's a list of the sessions:

Learn the dangers of 'the race to the bottom' and the crisis facing the industry today and why you need to do the opposite and have the best fees. You'll learn its causes, how it's damaging individual businesses and the industry as a whole, and the painful long-term consequences for you, your team and your rent roll.
There are seven fee laws that show you how to determine what fees owners care little about, and what they lose sleep over. Plus we reveal a simple 2-part formula that you can use to charge higher fees instantly, plus a law that used properly, will teach you a special technique how to easily justify every fee you charge (no matter how high it is) in a way that your prospect will think it's a bargain, and in fact will want to run from cheaper agents!
Here we get into what we call the 'Disneyland effect' where once you implement all TEN of these easy to understand ways to stand out from your rivals, you'll not only feel confident and unbeatable, but your prospects wouldn't dream of going elsewhere! They'll just want you!
In this session we go through the scripts that will easily overcome any likely objection you'll get. You'll know the fee objection that are in fact just 'buying signals' in disguise, plus how to add 'sweeteners' for those harder prospects that just 'want a win' in the deal!
Learn the fees that make plenty of revenue that you are currently NOT charging so you can earn an extra $500 to $1000 a year per property, what fees that can be easily increased, the different fee packages agencies use and their results, and how to successfully charge a HIGH all-inclusive management fee (even if your rivals are cheaper).
Understand the power of perception and that once you become a perceived expert in your market, prospects will be naturally magnetised to you. They'll ignore your competitors and happily pay your fees. When prospects want to use the 'best person for the job', to give them the greatest sense of 'peace of mind', they'll be scrambling over others to get to you!
Not all business is good business and can be TOXIC for you and your team, their time, and unprofitable business will hurt your ability to run a healthy profitable business. In this session we outline the EIGHT reasons to say NO to new business so you can get busy GROWING a quality rent roll that you and your team will be happy to work in and become the envy of your rivals. When staff retention is so important today, we will show you how to create a rent roll that will make your team happy to work in it, and not hurt them!

Who is it for? 

The 2-day workshop event for Business Owners, Managers, Leaders and Department Heads. 

Team members like BDMs and Property Managers can attend but they must be accompanied by their business owner/manager.

Where is it? 

The Glen Hotel
24 Gaskell Street, Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113

Only TWENTY Minutes drive from the Brisbane Airport

When is it?

Sunday and Monday, 17th and 18th March 2024

What times?  

Sunday- 8.30am to 5pm

Monday- 9am to 3pm 

Our 'Win Your Worth' Workshop Promise to you..

At the end of the two days you'll be signing up better and higher fees right away 
(worth an extra $500 to $1000 per property/year).

You'll be excited to being asked common fee objections like 'But the other agent is cheaper!' or 'Will you match your fees with the other agent?' and 'What's the management fee for?' and 'The other agent said they'd get me a higher rent!' because you'll know how to overcome them with what you'll learn.

You'll walk away knowing exactly WHAT fees property owners care far less about, 
and what other agents are getting for them.

You will be able to walk into listing presentations feeling TEN FEET TALL because you'll be armed with the most impressive and effective points of difference and the best fee objection response scripts that will deliver you the business AND win your fees.

You'll learn TWO easy but very effective techniques and strategies that once implemented right after your first prospect conversation, will rocket you to 'favourite first place' and they'll likely call you back in minutes, wanting to sign up with you (and be happy to pay your fees).

You'll know what to say over the phone, in a Zoom meeting or at the listing presentation that fast tracks their trust in you, so you will become the obvious choice as the agent to manage their property.

You'll learn the EIGHT essential reasons to say 'no' when signing up new business to ensure every management you bring on is quality profitable business and a right fit for your agency....and avoid toxic business that bleeds money, steals your staff time and erodes the heart and soul of your team.

Most importantly after the two days you will have become an agency that now ONLY competes on service and value, having forsaken competing on fees, and making sure you never ever take part in the destructive 'race to the bottom' in other agencies fee competing against each other.

Our 2-day 'Win Your Worth' Workshop in Brisbane...will show you how!

What did you enjoy most (and/or best learning) at Win Your Worth Workshop?

The storytelling examples were great, content was relevant and different to other training platforms/programs.
-Nicole Katsivelas, Partner & Head of Department, Jellis Craig Inner North, VIC
Rating: 8/10

Getting my team together to build ‘confidence’.
-Rebecca Cribbin, CEO, Holiday Rental Specialists, NSW
Rating: 9/10

Very practical examples and real life case studies. Templates and scripts.
-Bianca Hamilton-Foster, BDM, Holiday Rental Specialists, NSW
Rating: 8/10

The entire 1st day was really interesting and very informative. Helped boost my confidence to get the job done.
-Sharon Young, PM/New Business, Holiday Rental Specialists, NSW
Rating: 10/10

I learnt a lot from understanding the reasons for fees which we should have changed. I didn’t understand everything about content marketing but very valuable.
-John Pye, Principal, John Pye Real Estate, NSW
Rating: 9/10

Video, social media, BDM tips.
-Simon Pattullo, BDM, Century 21 River Residential, WA
Rating: 8/10

Very inspiring. Lots of work ahead of me. Need to work out how to strategise and plan to implement. Can see just touching on things. Need a week.
-Liesa Leddick, Director/Licensee/Owner, Century 21 River Residential, WA
Rating: 9/10

The workshop was very personal and in-depth. It has motivated me to want to implement fee changes.
-Natasha Boyns, Head of PM, Florent & Mundey Real Estate, NSW
Rating: 10/10

Changing mindset, what fees to charge and how to charge these fees. Also different ways to explain these fees to landlords.
-Sarah Weerman, BDM & Senior PM, Florent & Mundey Real Estate, NSW
Rating: 10/10

Marketing/scripts. Ensuring we are on the same page.
-Derek Smith, Director, Signature Properties Mudgee, NSW
Rating: 9/10

To learn to be confident again. To be ‘the hero’ and earn the fees that we as property managers/business owners deserve.
-Edwina Smith, Licensee, Signature Properties Mudgee, NSW
Rating: 9/10

Gained confidence in charging higher fees; however, NZ market is more difficult because it is a different country (smaller).
-Kylie Tse, Business Owner, Excella Property Rentals, NZ
Rating: 10/10

Content was good/great and was given more clarity.
-Liz Malthouse, Principal, Beachside Property Rentals, QLD
Rating: 8/10

To value our worth.
-Laurell Veivers, Director, Real Property Vibe, QLD
Rating: 9/10

Getting new knowledge to implement and improve both myself and my business. Gaining confidence that I am worth more.
-Simone Fogarty, Director, One Agency Orange, NSW
Rating: 10/10

What would you say to others thinking about joining a future workshop? 

I would tell them to strongly consider attending. Great mindset shifts for limiting beliefs.
-Nicole Katsivelas, Partner & Head of Department, Jellis Craig Inner North, VIC
Rating: 8/10

If you are looking to grow but struggling to justify your fees, do this!
-Rebecca Cribbin, CEO, Holiday Rental Specialists, NSW
Rating: 9/10

Worthwhile - gives you confidence to ask for what you’re worth.
-Jane Rutherford, Head of Sales, Marketing & Admin, Holiday Rental Specialists, NSW
Rating: 9/10

Do it!
-Sharon Young, PM/New Business, Holiday Rental Specialists, NSW
Rating: 10/10

Don’t hesitate. You will get at least one benefit and information is transferable.
-Cameron Maclean, BDM, Holiday Rental Specialists, NSW
Rating: 7/10

I would like a couple of our employees to do this course.
-John Pye, Principal, John Pye Real Estate, NSW
Rating: 9/10

To attend.
-Simon Pattullo, BDM, Century 21 River Residential, WA
Rating: 8/10

Yes, definitely worth attending.
-Liesa Leddick, Director/Licensee/Owner, Century 21 River Residential, WA
Rating: 9/10

Definitely worth your time, so much learning and unlearning will happen!!!
-Natasha Boyns, Head of PM, Florent & Mundey Real Estate, NSW
Rating: 10/10

Definitely worth attending.
-Sarah Weerman, BDM & Senior PM, Florent & Mundey Real Estate, NSW
Rating: 10/10

Be open and get onboard. What have you got to lose?
-Derek Smith, Director, Signature Properties Mudgee, NSW
Rating: 9/10

Definitely attend as an owner of a business - learning about the cost of properties to a business is an eye opener.
-Edwina Smith, Licensee, Signature Properties Mudgee, NSW
Rating: 9/10

Inspiration, Darren and Deniz are super good (excellent) trainers.
-Kylie Tse, Business Owner, Excella Property Rentals, NZ
Rating: 10/10

Very informative, makes me think about what I’m doing and what I need to do moving forward and is each property making money.
-Liz Malthouse, Principal, Beachside Property Rentals, QLD
Rating: 8/10

A lot to learn and always good to update your thoughts.
-Laurell Veivers, Director, Real Property Vibe, QLD
Rating: 9/10

If you are ready to change your attitude towards fees and achieve the maximum amount.
-Simone Fogarty, Director, One Agency Orange, NSW
Rating: 10/10

Proudly Sponsored by:

Win Your Worth Workshop

Where- The Glen Hotel
24 Gaskell Street, Eight Mile Plains QLD 4113

When- (2 Days) Sunday and Monday, 17th and 18th of March 2024

Agenda Times- Sunday: 8.30am to 5.00pm (Registration at 8.30am)
       Monday: 9am to 3.00pm

Special discounted rates for members and coaching clients- 20% OFF for IGT Exclusive Members and for IGT Plus Success / PM Fee Machine Coaching Clients. 

Please email office@IGTMail.com for your special payment link.

Who needs to attend? Business Owners and Leaders need to be in attendance, supported by their team members.
Lunch, morning & afternoon tea are provided on both days.

Bring your Note Book/Pens and/or Device.

Accommodation- The event is in Brisbane so book at 'The Glen Hotel' or close by.

For reservations at 'The Glen Hotel' 
phone: +61 7 3270 6666
How to GENERATE warm leads that will be happy to pay your fees (just like referral fees do!)

Techniques to FAST ACCELERATE cold enquiries to warm leads and raving fans in minutes...who want you, will ignore your cheaper rivals and are happy to pay your full fees!

BE EXPOSED to TEN effective points of difference that are working right now to sign up business at full fees...leaving your rivals empty handed wondering how you're getting the business even with much better fees than them!

Know how to add an extra $500 to $1000 (per year) in fee income to every new property you sign up from now on.

Learn why most fee objections really are just saying 'we want to sign up with you'...and how to easily overcome and move right to signing the management agreement at your fees!

Know why cheaper agents simply are announcing how bad they really are...with their cheap fees (and how to reveal this truth to property owners when they ask you to match their fees). 

Once you tell them this, they'll WANT to run as fast as they can from cheaper agents!

Know the 34 different fees and fee packages other agents are successfully charging, and what $$ they're getting for them, so you know what you can do to add $500 to $1000 per new property/year right away.

Over 2 days, not only will you learn... you'll also network with like-minded agents that want to compete on service and value too...just like you!

Here's what they said after our last IGT workshop...

What they said:

"What did you enjoy most/learn best at the Win Your Worth Workshop?"

"Definitely worth your time! Lots of fabulous tips and resources." 
Lissa Holgate- Managing Director, Professionals Gladstone, QLD

"What an amazing value-add! The 'take-home' I got for my time invested
was very worthwhile." 
Tom Ellis- Principal, Bertram Ellis, ACT

"Very informative and great content. Very well presented. It was educational, reflective and fun!"
Maren Peters- BDM, LJ Hooker Mile End, SA

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training. It has been so helpful and insightful to me as a start-up company. The mindset shift and knowledge that was offer is second to none. The guys are amazing at what they do and you can see how passionate they are with what they teach."
- Hayley Skerry, Property Manager/ BDM at Real Estate and Advocacy

"Loved the day spent with Deniz and Darren from IGT, so much information, tips and ideas. The passion and energy brought on each topic was fantastic.
Worth the day, my skill pocket is full, now it’s time to implement."
- Jaclyn Lazarou, Business Development Manager at Doug Disher Real Estate

Training was fantastic.
Points I will he doing straight away:
1. Class our owners
2. Do more videos to clients
3. Do education videos
4. Put education videos on our FB pages and LinkedIn
      - Elaine Mills, Principal/Director at Elaine Mills Property Management

"Thoroughly enjoyed the session. Took so much away from the day. Packed with great advice on how to increase agency fees and how to implement them.
Both Darren & Deniz are so passionate so that keeps you engaged. Great advice, tips and tricks to take away. Heaps to think about and implement.
Thanks heaps Darren & Deniz!"
- Kim Purser, Principal at Kim Purser Properties Pty Ltd

“I can charge it, because I am worth it!” I came away from the full day of training with so many excellent ideas and strategies to implement into my business. I have only just started growing but now I have the confidence to stick by my fees and with the help of Darren’s scripts, I can confidently justify and overcome any objections."
- Marsha Elmy, Director at Blue Chip Rentals

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training course you have presented today.
A few pluses I have taken away with me, your 'fee max' strategy is incredible!
The importance of training your mindset to know your worth!
Deniz’ 30 strategies to proactively chase business has certainly opened my mind to the many other approaches to prospecting. I am extremely excited to implement what I have learnt today and look forward to seeing results in time."
- Vivian Trantan, Investment Property Specialist here at Longview Property Managers and Advisors

Win Your Worth Workshop
Cancellation and Substitution Policy

All tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you are unable to attend the Win Your Worth Workshop for any reason, you may send a substitute in your place.

Notice of substitution must be provided prior to the start of the event. If you wish to send a substitute in your place, please send an email to office@IGTMail.com. 

If you are unable to find a substitute, your ticket will be forfeited and no refund will be made.

Sharing of tickets: Under no circumstances may tickets be shared. If you are caught sharing your ticket, you (or the person you are sharing with) will be asked to leave and your ticket will be cancelled for the remainder of the event. 

Should you wish to cancel, your ticket is transferable to anyone else- just let us know in writing to office@IGTMail.com.

Should the event, for whatever reason, cannot be held and needs to be transferred, your ticket will be fully transferred to that event. Should you wish to cancel your ticket for a refund, the above refund policy will apply.

IGT cannot be held financially responsible for any travel expenses resulting from occurrences that prevent the event from being held.

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